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A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush:The Roadrunner and Beetlespin

There are multiple mini spinner baits that pop into my head every time I listen a person communicate approximately light address bass fishing. These baits deliver again fond memories of years beyond and all out bass brawls on light gear. Perhaps no other baits are as synonymous for mild address because the Beetle spin or the Road Runner. Both of these little powder kegs are spinner kind baits. They won’t be known completely as bass baits however both of these dynamos are surely a success bass catchers and were for years. They are cheaper and available pretty much anywhere. I generally tend to apply tiny braid with those baits. I additionally rent a light movement rod that has a little provide to it. I like setting up on fish with this rig. The braided line instantly telegraphs a strike and might battle fish out of risky places. The softer movement rod allows throw the bait and the braid provides to the sensitivity you could lose with the lighter action rod Roadrunner email.

Beetle spin

This little bait is a easy mild jig head tipped with a small directly dual tailed beetle frame mixed with a spinner harness. It is a scaled down version of the more famous protection pin style spinner baits that are so common nowadays. Fished on 4lb test and a rod with a whippy movement, the Beetle Spin makes a devastating early season bait. Even in bloodless water, the beetle has a knack for producing extremely good numbers of bass together with a few large bass as nicely.

I fish the beetle on a selfmade 6-6 light action Helium spinning rod that functions a break up Tennessee take care of. I select 4lb check on a Tica SB500 reel matched with that rod. This sweet easy little blend telegraphs everything the beetle spin is doing and transmits it back to me. The mild rod is a blast when battling fish. For all round a laugh, you can not beat this set up.

The beetle spin is a year spherical bait. It will capture fish in all seasons. For me, it shines inside the spring, the warmth of the summer season and again because the water temperatures drop in fall. The bait is to be had in some of shades despite the fact that I assume that they for the maximum element are not all that crucial. I go together with yellow or inexperienced on vibrant days and black for darkish days. I concentrate its use around shallow water. All you want is a sluggish regular retrieve.

The bait is versatile due to the fact you could transfer up the smooth plastic bodies. There are many patterns to pick out from. The original beetle is a stubby plastic frame with two small tails. You ought to use a panfish tube Branson worm, minnow or shad body or curly tail grub.


No, this isn’t the Hemi powered muscle vehicle of the past due 60’s. It is a small horse head jig that can generate just as lots horsepower even though. This little spinner jig functions a small blade at the under side of the head and a slew of various smooth plastic our bodies. From small minnow formed our bodies to the various armed Branson Bug or the tube like Turbo tail, the Roadrunner is a flexible little bait for mild line bass fishing.

The bait will actually trap something that swims, it honestly isn’t just for bass. “You can not fish it wrong so long as you fish it sluggish” appears to be the slogan at the back of the bait. This little entice is very powerful inside the early spring. I apply it to the identical combo that I fish the beetle spin on. I have a tendency to jig the bait alongside and use it extra in deep water situations. You can reel it in steadily but I favor to carry and drop it. I every so often use it in areas in which some anglers could sluggish roll a spinner bait. A recent advent to the line up is a Roadrunner head that function Gamakatsu hooks. These ought to be dynamite for hooking and retaining bass more effectively.

Both of these little baits are tailor made for small creek smallmouth bass fishing any time of the yr. The baits sincerely get blasted by the notably aggressive move bass. If you need to have amusing and seize a multitude of fish, give both of those baits a while on your next drift journey.